This website describes the application of a number of algorithmic techniques and strategies to generating continuous profit from horse race betting in the UK.

In general the techniques have potential to be applicable to other race types (e.g. Camels, Dogs etc) and elsewhere in the world.

The techniques and strategies have been implemented as an application which runs on the iPad.

The trigger for this development was a good friend of mine, who has had limited success in horse race betting. He came to me one day and said “There must be a pattern you know. Can you develop something”, so I did. The initial results can be found here.


The philosophy is to produce a consistent and predictable gain each day, which is re-investigated the subsequent day. The amount bet is always the same.

This strategy diverges from a typical approach of betting. The rationale behind the strategy I use is:

  • It lowers risk
  • It is less vulnerable to random or unanticipated results
  • It generates a consistent gain over time